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Sponsorship Overview

Thank you for checking our sponsorship page. At Union Dubuque, our top priority is to inspire great things in our community, as outlined in our Mission Statement. Realization of Union’s mission requires your support for sustainability and longevity. Union will not be a flash-in-the-pan, here today gone tomorrow type of organization. We want it to have a lasting effect on the Dubuque community, and sponsorship helps make that possible.

Why sponsor Union Dubuque?

The simple answer is that you should sponsor Union Dubuque if you find that your business' values align with ours. We believe that we can best carry out our vision when we partner with businesses that want to do the same. We as a club desire to be the best business partner that you could possibly imagine. Your support of Union Dubuque through sponsorship is directly supporting the dreams of the players, coaches, and staff of our club. We preach the story of our founding as testament to the fact that dreams can become reality, if you're willing to work hard enough for them. By sponsoring Union Dubuque, you're supporting the vision that we seek to spread throughout the community.

What do I get out of sponsorship?

Sponsors always receive, at the very least, an advertising partner in the form of Union Dubuque F.C. Our club's ever-growing fan base provides an opportunity for sponsors to get their names in front of committed supporters. Usually, this takes the form of a sponsor's logo in a prominent place, such as banners at the stadium, or on the front of our jerseys. We're always finding new ways and places to promote our sponsors because they're essential to us. Beyond the advertising, studies suggest that sponsorship fosters a sense of goodwill towards the sponsoring business on the part of our club's fans.

What kinds of sponsorships are available? 

We're glad you asked. As different as the businesses that sponsor Union Dubuque, so too are the types of sponsorships available to our partners. While some sponsorships allow for in-kind good or services, many others take different forms. However, the majority of sponsorships result from a business providing funds in exchange for advertising provided by the club. Regardless of your business, a partnership with Union Dubuque opens doors to new markets. Contact us today to learn more about what partnering with Union Dubuque can do for you!


Club Sponsors


Founding Members

We would like to thank the following supporters for their generosity in becoming founding members of our club.

Claude and Monica Warren

David and Angie Kelley

Stephanie and Andrew Moment

Andrew Peckham

Tyler Loucks

Brian Denham

Baltazar Mosqueda

Joel Janecek

Chris and Jody Conrad

Dan and Karen Rothert

Jon and Laura Walker

Marcos Vega

Lyle Hunt

Ray Werner

Jane Rife

Brian Burns

Ben Lee

Brian and Tammy Kallback

Bruce and Catherine Denham

Lewis and Hannah Shin

Tom Richlak

William Hoyer

Abhay Rawal

Tom Walch

Matthew Denham