Union Dubuque F.C.
Our City. Our Union.


Who We Are

Union Dubuque F.C. is an amateur men's soccer club. Our club was born out of the desire to inspire people to do great things through the beautiful game of soccer. As our sport grows in the United States, so too does the opportunity for more and more people to play at a higher level than has previously been possible. 

Our Mission

The mission of Union Dubuque F.C. is to inspire great things in our community. We seek to promote and grow the great game of soccer in the tri-state area through by providing a first class fan experience, showcasing local talent, fostering exceptional player development, and partnering with local businesses.

Our Vision

Soccer is truly the world's game. In an age where we have access to people and organizations all around the world, there has never been a better time for Dubuque to continue its diversification by moving into the soccer-playing world. 

We seek to be the best organization that we can possibly be through our connections with the Dubuque community, partnerships with local businesses and organizations, and by being a spectacle that people love to come and support. Beyond game day, Union Dubuque aspires to be an organization that inspires people to do great things, a concept rooted in our founding story. 

When our President studied abroad in Germany during his high school years, he was struck by how much love and support people showed for the local soccer club (BFV Hassia Bingen, for reference, currently playing in the 6th division of German soccer). Even though the club was small when compared to traditional German powerhouses, every local boy had a dream of playing for them. It's what they looked up to and it gave them hope that they might one day make it to the top. Here in the United States, we don't really have a system that even closely mirrors this, especially with the ever-widening gap between professional athletes and the rest of us. Union Dubuque wants to be that club that kids from all over this area dream to play for.

We would ultimately like to compete and represent our great city on the national stage through qualifying for and being competitive in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup,our country's most historic competition, and the third oldest of its kind in the world. In the Open Cup, small clubs like ours have the chance to take on America's greatest: Major League Soccer teams like the LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders. These teams may even have to travel and play here in Dubuque to progress in the competition. 

This is our competitive goal, but our overall vision is about much more than Open Cup glory. It's about telling the story of our city to the Midwest and to the rest of the country. For over 150 years, communities around the world have used the sport of soccer to tell the stories of countless people groups, as people are brought together around a simple ball game. Let's tell our story now. #OurCityOurUnion 

Our Community

Our club has been putting down roots in Dubuque for some time now. As we seek to represent the city, it is vital that we have a true connection with the people and history of the city. This is why the overwhelming majority of the club's ownership is local (and will remain so). 

Jim Ott serves as our Club Ambassador and member of the board of directors. Jim is one of several men who was instrumental in the growth of soccer in Dubuque, starting the soccer programs at both Dubuque Senior High School and Marquette Catholic School in Bellevue, IA. Jim also served as the first president of the Dubuque Soccer Club when it was founded. Jim brings much knowledge and experience to our team, as well as a close connection to the city of Dubuque. 

As we continue to grow this club, we are always seeking more partners from the community. Please don't hesitate to contact us at management@uniondfc.com if you are interested in partnering with us.